WIS participants inducted into local ibew 146

Andrea Kelly and Jakivin Jenkins have similar stories. Both are Decatur residents who became Workforce Investment Solutions participants by entering into the Youth Career Pathways/pre-apprenticeship program beginning February 14th, 2022. 

Kelly, a 2020 graduate of MacArthur High School, is a dedicated single mother who held a job at McDonald’s before she decided to join the pre-apprenticeship program. Kelly continued to work at McDonald’s throughout the duration of the program, balancing both responsibilities until she reached the Work Experience portion of the program. Quitting a full-time job to fully embrace the opportunities that the MC3 pre-apprentice class offered was a leap of faith for Kelly, but it proved to be an incredible choice for her future.

Jenkins, a 2016 Eisenhower High School graduate, is a dedicated father to his son. While Jenkins had previously worked in the construction industry before joining the MC3 pre-apprenticeship program, his ultimate goal was to become an electrician. Employed part-time, Jenkins joined the program looking to gain knew knowledge and skills while completing the NECA/IBEW application process.

Jenkins and Kelly both began the program with a firm commitment to complete the electrical apprenticeship process and become an electrician. They both successfully completed the MC3 pre-apprenticeship program and were placed with Bodine Electric of Decatur to complete eight weeks of work experience, a component of the program. After just four weeks of this work experience, both Kelly and Jenkins were hired by Bodine Electric. Since then, they have been partnered with seasoned electrical journeymen and have completed projects at ADM, Fuayo, and the new Mueller building. In addition, they have both successfully completed the NECA/IBEW application process, which became full circle when they were inducted into the Local IBEW 146 on February 14th, 2023. 

Kelly and Jenkin’s stories are remarkable examples of the value of Workforce’s programs and the determination and work ethic of those who utilize them. Their stories have not been contained to the Decatur community either, as Illinois Congresswoman Nikki Budzinski selected Andrea Kelly as her guest to attend the State of the Union Address in February 2023. 

We congratulate both Andrea and Jakivin for their success!