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Welcome to Workforce Investment Solutions

Who we are

Welcome to Workforce Investment Solutions, a federally funded program that assists with the development of a workforce for Macon and DeWitt counties. 

At Workforce Investment Solutions, our focus is to help develop individuals into a career pathway for self-sufficiency. We strive to work with both job seekers and employers, strengthening the workforce in Macon and DeWitt counties in order to become economically competitive and enrich the local communities. 

Centrally located at 757 West Pershing Road, the Workforce Investment Solutions front lobby is home to Decatur’s best-kept secret: the Illinois WorkNet Center. Here, job seekers can take advantage of many free career services in the American Job Center resource room, formerly known as the One Stop Center. Computer access, resume development assistance, and job search aid are all among the many free career services available in the resource room. Furthermore, those looking for opportunities to obtain a GED, develop professional knowledge and skills, enhance their technical proficiency, and master their job search capabilities can take advantage of a variety of free workshops and bridge courses provided by the American Job Center. 

Also stationed at Workforce’s central Decatur location is a team of professional career planners. These career experts provide eligible customers with direct support and a personalized plan for education and training to reach their employment goals. This specialized career guidance eliminates barriers, removes financial obstacles, and helps individuals continually progress towards their goals of successful employment and self-sufficiency.

Employers also benefit from many of Workforce’s services. Its On-the-Job and Incumbent Worker Training Programs, for instance, provide valuable incentives and assistance for businesses seeking to expand and develop their personnel. Through Workforce, employers can also access unique recruitment opportunities and capitalize on a vast network built to align companies with qualified employees. 

Workforce’s services are funded through a variety of federal grants, providing financial support for the training and educational needs of all job seekers. Furthermore, these grants allocate specialized support for particular groups, such as dislocated workers and youths, whether they are in school or out of school. 

Our leadership

Workforce Investment Solutions operates under the careful guidance of its Executive Director, Rocki Wilkerson. Rocki’s mission is to create a pipeline of high-quality employees for businesses to draw from. She envisions a workforce that excels in diversity, equity, and inclusion, in which vital opportunities for education and training are available to all. To that end, she says, “I believe that Workforce and its many community partners will work diligently to align a pathway for education and employment, improving job and career options for our area.”

Workforce Investment Solutions Executive Director, Rocki Wilkerson