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At Workforce Investment Solutions, we pride ourselves in providing resources and opportunities to support the goals of both job seekers and employers. Stay connected with Workforce news to learn about upcoming events, find helpful resources, and read stories about the many ways Workforce is empowering your community!

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"I would highly recommend this program to anyone that may need that extra bit of help. In my case, I may have needed more than just a bit of help. I had several barriers that I ran into while pursuing my degree, and Workforce Investment Solutions helped me through those hurdles each step of the way."
"When it comes to Workforce Investment Solutions, I would highly recommend them to anyone. There were never any hassles or 'hoops' that I had to go through, and they really don't ask for much, especially in comparison for what they will do for you."
"I am forever grateful for the opportunity to follow my dreams with the upmost support and funding from Workforce."
WIS meant a lot to me because it helped cover the cost of nursing school in a way that I never would have imagined."
"I would highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to start a new career or achieve a new goal and needs some assistance."
"My advice to everyone is to not be afraid to step out there on faith. Workforce is the perfect solution to furthering or starting a new career that is in high demand."
"Workforce has been such a blessing to me. The whole program itself took a lot of stress off of me so I could focus on my studies."
Workforce made getting my degree and the best start to my career possible!