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July 1st, 2020 – June 30th 2021

Cheif Elected Officials

Kevin Greenfield

Macon County Board Chairman

Terry Ferguson

DeWitt County Board Chairman

Workforce Investment Board

For Macon & DeWitt Counties

Laurie Brown, Chair

Hickory Point Christian Village

Staff to the CEO/WIB

Rocki Wilkerson

Director of Workforce Development

Grants/ Revenues

Total Grants : $4,254,753 $4,254,753


Total Expenditures $1,021,553 $1,021,553

Tuition Fees/ Books: $473,225

Youth Providers: $97,705

On- The- Job- Training: $36,086

Work Experience/Stipend: $197,959

Business Grants: $143,276

Support Services: $73,302

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