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Career Guidance

Meet with a professional career planner for specialized assistance

Career Planners

Our team of professionals are a resource for job-seekers, assisting them in using the tools and services available to further their knowledge and reach their goal of successful employment. Our career planners can help provide access to opportunities, remove barriers to education and training, and develop a unique plan for employment for each participant.

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American Job Center Resource Room

The Illinois WorkNet Center offers employment and training services in the resource room that are designed to link Illinois employers with qualified job seekers.  We are committed to developing the workforce in our community by helping employers meet their human resource needs.  We provide an array of career guidance services tailored to job seekers’ needs including additional training or education.  Our state-of-the-art Resource Room gives access to the latest job market information, employment listings, career development publications and professional career advice.

The resource room provides access to job information, employment, career development and professional career guidance.

Visit the Resource Room located at:

757 West Pershing Road 

Decatur, Illinois 62522

"Workforce Investment Solutions not only helped with my tuition, books, fees, and needed materials, they also helped me out with daycare. This program was a Godsend for me and made it possible to reach for my dreams."
"I thank Workforce Investment for hiring staff that are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty."
"I am so thankful for the help I was able to receive from Workforce. I would not have made it through the program without all of the encouragement and financial help."
"This entire experience was so worth it and I would do it all over again."