161 people arrived at the Workforce Investment Solutions office on Tuesday, February 28th, each with one thing in common: they had been laid off as a result of Akorn’s unexpected closure in Decatur and were seeking an opportunity for quick reemployment through ADM.

In response to Akorn’s sudden closure and the associated mass layoffs, ADM held an exclusive job fair for former Akorn employees on Tuesday, February 28th at the Workforce Investment Solutions office. ADM provided laid off workers the opportunity to interview for over 100 available ADM positions that covered a wide range of corporate functions, including manufacturing, engineering, research and development, accounting, human resources, and many leadership roles. 

Throughout the event, ADM emphasized a desire to simply talk and connect with laid off Akorn employees. Resumes were not required to meet, interview, and discuss potential career fits with ADM. Furthermore, ADM offered many positions on-the-spot, presenting many with an immediate solution to the sudden, unexpected challenges resulting from Akorn’s closure.

Those who attended the job fair were presented not only with solutions for rapid reemployment, but also opportunities to begin long-term careers and progress their professional experiences with one of Decatur’s most vital and stable companies. All 161 individuals who attended the job fair received interviews during the event for various ADM positions. 17 former Akorn employees were offered jobs on the spot during the event, and another 40 workers left with a phone interview scheduled for a later date. Many of the remaining attendants are still being processed, and the door remains open for them to receive future offers and interview opportunities. 

161 people arrived at the Workforce Investment Solutions office in search of hope and assurance for the future. Through the work of ADM and Workforce Investment Solutions, many were able to obtain exactly that.